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Improving Customer Loyalty with EPoS

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Achieving customer service and customer loyalty are goals that are top of every retailers’ list when trying to run a successful business. Yet, retailers can often face challenges with improving customer service and ensuring customer loyalty.

These challenges may include not being able to:

Encourage Repeat Sales

Reward Customer Loyalty

Deliver Superior Customer Service

At RMS we strongly believe that for retailers to achieve their goals then they must have a strong customer service strategy, and that running your retail business shouldn’t be a struggle.

EPoS systems have several functions that make applying a customer service strategy seamless. State-of-the-art-retail software provides retailers with the tools to build loyalty campaigns based on real transactional data. OpSuite’s customer relationship and management features allows for the easy implementation of a loyalty scheme to reward returning customers.

Customer Loyalty

Another element that we’re sure is constantly on the minds of retailers is how to drive growth. With the common statistic that 80% of sales come from 20% of customers it is imperative to provide consumers with a reason to stay loyal, and loyal customers need to be rewarded. OpSuite’s relationship functionality makes one to one communication between retailers and customers much easier. Using this EPoS software’s extensive reporting; customer information can be exported and then imported into one of your various marketing avenues such as email campaigns. This keeps loyal customers and prospects informed and up to date. Using a loyalty programme enables a retailer to capitalise on investments in omni-channel retailing through using customer information to build sustainable and profitable long-term relationships.

You may have found that as a retailer you aren’t sure about where to begin with marketing to loyal customers. OpSuite EPoS aids with these functions. The software allows you to easily track demographics, preferences, purchase or problem history, account balance and credit information. As well as making you aware of company-wide buying habits, shopping frequency, and purchase amounts.  All of which aids retailers in efficiently marketing to their customer base.

Customer Service

OpSuite cloud managed point of sale demonstrates a more professional image of the store, generating greater customer confidence in your business. It is easier to find information on stock and makes it quicker to locate products or find alternatives. Therefore OpSuite EPoS also helps your staff sell more.

The most productive businesses achieve growth by striking the perfect balance between attracting great customers and growing current customers into great customers. Building customer loyalty is what builds brands and forms the foundation of a successful customer base.

Talk with RMS today about how our EPoS can help you attract and retain loyal customers.

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