One of the most important components of an electronic point of sale (EPoS) system in your business is the printer. EPoS printers are designed to work seamlessly with EPoS systems, which are used to process transactions, manage inventory and perform other functions.

Retail shops and leisure facilities use them to print the legally required credit card slips and customer receipts. They are also used by restaurants to print off orders in the kitchen or at the bar.

There are three main options of receipt printers – Thermal printers (the most popular), Dot matrix printers and Inkjet printers. Thermal printers offer fast printing speeds, low maintenance and high-quality print output. Thermal printers use heat to transfer ink onto paper and do not require ink cartridges or ribbons, which can save businesses money on supplies. Read our blog to find out which type could suit you best.

Another important feature of EPoS printers is connectivity. EPoS printers can be connected to EPoS systems through various interfaces, including USB, Ethernet and Wi-Fi. This allows for fast and reliable communication between the EPoS system and the printer, ensuring that transactions are processed quickly and efficiently.

RMS offer the best EPoS receipt printers from major manufacturers such as Epson, AURES, OXHOO and SNBC to name but a few, but please do Contact Us should you not find the receipt printer you are looking for and we will help you on your EPoS Hardware journey.

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