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RMS has been a pioneer in delivering specialised EPoS solutions tailored to the distinct needs of gift boutique retailers since 2004. Our deep understanding of the industry is reflected in our flagship EPoS system, OpSuite, which is equipped with features essential for today’s gift shop retailers.

Designed to boost sales, foster customer loyalty, and empower your staff with effective tools, OpSuite is the perfect fit for gift stores. Whether dealing with seasonal merchandise, fashion, or perishable goods, OpSuite enhances retail operations ensuring a superior customer experience and business growth. Explore how OpSuite can elevate your gift boutique.

Gift Store Owner

Optimise Your Gift Store’s Performance with OpSuite EPoS System

For gift stores and boutiques seeking to elevate their customer shopping experience and effectively meet demand, OpSuite EPoS from RMS emerges as the perfect retail management solution.

This EPoS system is engineered to empower gift boutiques with swift staff onboarding, minimal training requirements, and a user-friendly interface. This means your sales team can quickly become proficient and equipped with all the necessary tools to offer an excellent customer experience.

The customisable screen feature of OpSuite EPoS allows you to adapt the system to fit your gift store’s unique needs and enhance customer service efficiency. Whether your boutique specialises in souvenirs, keepsakes, or various seasonal items, OpSuite’s intuitive design ensures you can easily manage these diverse inventories.

Gift boutiques often face the challenge of managing a wide array of products constantly fluctuating in popularity. OpSuite EPoS addresses this by providing an easy-to-use, intuitive solution that enables precise inventory management. This ensures your gift store can satisfy customer needs without the risk of overstocking. With OpSuite, you can maintain a thorough understanding and control over your retail business, adapting swiftly to market trends and customer preferences, making it an indispensable tool for any thriving gift store.

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Here’s How OpSuite Transforms Your Gift Store

OpSuite’s advanced functionality and dynamic capabilities make it the EPoS of choice for retailers with multiple customer touch-points.

Stock Management

Streamline Your Inventory Management with OpSuite

Enhance your inventory strategy with OpSuite’s stock management system which is perfect for tracking stock levels and improving replenishment routines. Save time and reduce errors by saying goodbye to complex spreadsheets and manual tracking. With OpSuite, ensure your inventory is always precisely managed and readily available when needed.

For gift retailers with various locations, OpSuite simplifies inventory control by centralising all stock information, making it easier to transfer items between stores and improve purchasing strategies.

Gift boutiques can benefit from advanced wireless handheld devices for quick stock assessments. Identify and address slow-moving inventory, maximise storage efficiency and easily handle your purchasing decisions. Turn to OpSuite for a comprehensive, streamlined inventory management solution.


Expand Your Customer Relationships with OpSuite

OpSuite’s loyalty features are designed to engage and retain customers, encouraging repeat visits and fostering a strong sense of loyalty. Utilise its dynamic functionalities to create customised rewards that resonate with your customers’ unique tastes, incentivising higher spending and sustained loyalty.

OpSuite’s comprehensive loyalty capabilities include exclusive membership clubs, reward programs, and other strategies to gather critical customer insights and enhance the overall customer journey.

With these powerful tools you can deepen customer connections and propel your business forward, ensuring a robust and loyal customer base.


Efficiently Handle Seasonal Inventory

Gift shops often grapple with the task of maintaining the right amount of seasonal stock to meet customer demands while avoiding excess or shortage. OpSuite empowers you to control seasonal inventory adeptly, offering access to real-time stock information globally.

Retailers can strategically prepare for upcoming festive seasons and promotional events using precise reports and analytics from OpSuite. Establish specific ordering guidelines for each store by setting minimum and maximum stock levels to maintain complete control over your inventory throughout the year.

In Store and Online

Boost In-Store and Online Sales

As the retail landscape evolves, an integrated omnichannel approach becomes crucial for businesses offering a seamless shopping experience. Yet, many gift boutique retailers find their in-store EPoS and online eCommerce platforms disjointed, which can impede smooth customer interactions and the efficient use of data.

By adopting OpSuite and OpSuite Fusion, retailers can unify their operations under one comprehensive omnichannel solution. This integration offers central inventory management, cohesive sales tracking, and a unified approach to customer loyalty features. OpSuite Fusion facilitates an improved shopping experience and leverages data insights for business growth.


Drive Revenue with Advanced Pricing Techniques

Navigating pricing accurately becomes increasingly complex as your business expands and diversifies its products. OpSuite delivers the crucial tools retailers need to execute pricing strategies and special promotions across channels and locations.

With OpSuite you can manage your pricing effectively, whether it’s for a single store or a multi-store operation, all from one centralised interface. Pre-scheduling price alterations for upcoming sales events and promotions is streamlined, allowing your business to remain agile and competitive in the market.

Business Performance

Access Real-time Business Insights

In the fast-paced retail environment, having immediate access to accurate business intelligence is essential. Many businesses rely on cumbersome spreadsheets for data analysis which are prone to human error and subjective interpretation, which can lead to inconsistent outcomes.

OpSuite eliminates these uncertainties by providing real-time data access, ensuring that you have a clear and accurate understanding of your business’s current status at all times. With this precise information you can make confident, fact-based decisions, eliminate guesswork and minimise errors for more strategic and effective management.

Peak Times

Smoothly Handle Busy Periods

In the rush of peak shopping hours, long queues can lead to customer dissatisfaction and potentially lost sales. OpSuite is equipped with advanced queue-busting technology to serve customers swiftly, reducing wait times and preventing frustration.

Utilise OpSuite POS to empower your team to assist customers more effectively and capitalise on sales opportunities. With the aid of tablets and mobile card devices spread throughout the store, staff can manage transactions quickly, keeping the flow smooth even during the busiest shopping times.


Anticipate Customer Needs Effectively

Gift boutiques, like many retail businesses, experience surges in customer activity during popular shopping seasons like Christmas, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. To capitalise on these periods, preparing in advance to fully meet customer expectations is vital.

OpSuite’s Pay As You Go (PAYG) tills offer a flexible solution, allowing you to activate additional systems as needed without the burden of monthly subscriptions during off-peak times. This ensures that your business is equipped and ready to handle increased demand efficiently, providing a seamless customer experience when it matters most.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can! With OpSuite, promotions can be scheduled in advance. You can limit this to specific customer groups or locations depending on your needs. OpSuite is the perfect partner, whenever, wherever or however you want your promotions to be applied.

OpSuite offers a variety of incentive programs, including loyalty rewards and bounce-back coupons, to drive customer engagement and foster repeat business. For instance, customers can automatically receive a printed coupon for their next transaction, or they can accumulate loyalty points with each purchase, which can be redeemed during their subsequent visit. These versatile incentive schemes not only encourage immediate return visits but also build long-term customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Yes, OpSuite has sales rep functionality that enables you to track this separately to the cashier processing the transaction.

If you’re aiming to cut down on wasteful receipts or go paperless, you can set OpSuite to prompt before printing the receipt, or it can be emailed directly to the customer.

OpSuite offers numerous features designed to enhance the customer’s point-of-sale experience and maximise throughput. For instance, deploying integrated card processing represents one effective method to streamline transactions and improve efficiency. Using integrating card processing, transactions become faster and more efficient, leading to shorter wait times for customers and increased productivity.

Yes you can! OpSuite allows for multiple user roles which can be customised to ensure each staff member only has the access that they require.

Yes, with OpSuite’s built in customer order facility you can easily create and track orders with or without deposits. This makes it ideal for everything, from buying that special gift to saving in the Christmas club, customer orders give your customers more ways to buy from you.

Customers have the flexibility to collect their orders in parts as needed, accommodating their preferences and convenience.

Absolutely! We offer live online demonstrations of OpSuite and its features. However, to get the most out of your demo, we recommend booking a discovery call with one of our team first.

This way, our experts can find out how your business operates and which features you may need. This is to ensure that your demo is tailored to your specific business.

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