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OpSuite — The EPoS Solution That Enhances Your Sporting Goods Shop Experience

RMS excels in providing tailored EPoS solutions for sporting goods shops, empowering them to reach new heights. Since 2004, we have been a steadfast partner in driving business success with our cutting-edge and user-friendly OpSuite EPoS system.

Designed to boost sales, enhance customer satisfaction, and optimise operations, OpSuite is ideal for sporting goods retailers, from single stores to multi-site chains. It can be tailored to meet the unique demands of the sporting goods sector, covering everything from golf and cycling equipment to swimwear.

OpSuite ensures seamless management of diverse product ranges, helping you showcase top-quality sporting goods and forge a strong market presence.

EPOS for Sporting Goods Shops

What Makes OpSuite EPoS the Champion for Your Sporting Goods Shops?

Elevate your sporting goods store with OpSuite’s retail management solution.

Stay ahead in the competitive sporting goods market by delivering an unparalleled customer shopping experience with OpSuite. Our streamlined onboarding process quickly prepares your sales team for any retail challenge, setting the stage for exceptional performance and customer satisfaction.

OpSuite boasts a user-friendly, intuitive point-of-sale interface that reduces the need for extensive training. This allows your staff to provide top-notch customer service effortlessly. With its customisable screen, you can adapt the system to meet your store’s unique needs, enhancing staff efficiency and customer engagement.

Sporting goods shops face the distinct challenge of seasonal sports trends. Whether you are dealing with summer or winter sports gear, it’s crucial to manage inventory effectively to meet customer demands and highlight the latest products. OpSuite has real-time data capabilities and is an invaluable tool for sporting apparel shops, ensuring you’re always in sync with market trends and customer preferences.

Discover how OpSuite can transform your sporting goods shop into a retail powerhouse – contact us for more information.

The Perfect EPoS Solution for Modern Retailers

OpSuite’s advanced functionality and dynamic capabilities
make it the EPoS of choice for retailers and multiple customer touch-points.

Business Performance

Refine Your Inventory Strategy

Accelerate your inventory management with OpSuite, bypassing the tediousness of manual entries and spreadsheets. Embrace efficiency, saving both time and resources and ensuring you have the ideal product mix at precisely the correct times, applicable to single stores and larger multi-location businesses.

OpSuite facilitates rapid inventory audits through wireless devices and offers a streamlined method for handling inventory orders. Score big in operational efficiency and smooth management with OpSuite’s inventory solutions.


Expand Your Fanbase Using OpSuite

In the world of business, there’s no room for spectators. OpSuite’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is your professional advantage for nurturing fan loyalty and ensuring that your supporters remain enthusiastic about your team.

Loaded with customisable features, OpSuite allows you to provide your dedicated fans with the personalised attention they crave, motivating them to go above and beyond in their support for your business and fostering enduring connections. With OpSuite, you can grow your fanbase and keep the cheers coming.


Optimise Your Seasonal Inventory Management with OpSuite

Just as elite athletes strive for peak performance, sporting goods shops must excel in managing their inventory year-round. From major sporting events like the World Cup to prestigious tournaments like Wimbledon, retailers encounter unique challenges in meeting demand on the sports calendar. With OpSuite, you can elevate your seasonal stock management to a new level of precision regardless of your competitive field.

OpSuite empowers sporting goods shops to confidently plan for these high-demand periods, enabling you to implement the most effective strategies and promotions. By establishing customised store-specific ordering rules, you’ll ensure that your inventory is always on point, no matter where you compete.

In Store and Online

Achieving Victory On and Off the Field, Online and In-Store

For sporting goods shops, excelling in both physical and digital realms is a game-changing strategy. While many businesses have already embraced the concept of omnichannel, some sportswear shops are still getting accustomed to the idea of providing a seamless experience for their fans. OpSuite takes the lead as the ultimate EPoS (Electronic Point of Sale) solution, delivering a unified omnichannel solution tailored for sports shops.

With OpSuite, you’ll score big by catering to your fans, whether they’re inside your store or browsing your website. It’s a winning strategy that ensures your customers receive a consistent and satisfying online and in-store experience.


Boost Your Sales with Effective Pricing Strategies

For retail businesses dealing in high-value stock like sporting goods shops, implementing a successful pricing strategy is crucial. OpSuite provides retailers with the essential tools to create tailored pricing strategies and promotions, regardless of your business’s scale or the products you carry.

Seamlessly adapting your pricing for upcoming events and promotions is a winning move. You can expertly oversee your pricing strategy through OpSuite’s user-friendly interface and elevate your retail game while your sales soar.


Powered by Business Intelligence

Many businesses still rely on spreadsheets and manual data entry for their operations. This approach not only consumes valuable time and remains susceptible to perpetual obsolescence but also introduces the risk of costly errors due to human oversight. For businesses dealing in high-value and seasonal inventory such as sporting goods shops, making well-informed business decisions rooted in accurate data is paramount.

Using OpSuite, you gain real-time insight into every facet of your business, 24/7, 365 days a year. This powerful tool ensures that you always have a clear and accurate picture of your business operations, empowering you to confidently make informed decisions.

EPoS Training

Streamline Your Sales Team’s Performance

In the world of retail, particularly in sporting goods shops, customers often seek personalised advice and specialised fitting services. However, this can lead to long queues, frustrating customers, and potentially causing them to abandon their purchases. Fortunately, OpSuite offers a solution to ensure quick and seamless customer service, preventing frustration and maintaining efficient queue management.

Your sales team can efficiently assist customers and maximise sales opportunities by utilising tablets and mobile card devices across your store. Empower your team with OpSuite POS and watch as your customer satisfaction and sales reach new heights.


Achieve Impressive Results with Exclusive Promotions

OpSuite’s powerful offer functionality is thoughtfully designed to elevate sales and boost customer engagement to the next level. This feature lets you easily create promotions and incentives customised to your business goals. You enjoy the flexibility of choosing from various discount types, such as quantity discounts that reward customers for bulk purchases or transaction discounts that apply to the overall purchase amount.

Prepare to set new sales records, foster customer loyalty, and expand your customer base while giving your devoted fans another compelling reason to cheer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

OpSuite can help you manage your inventory, sales, customer data, accounting and reporting in a more efficient and accurate way. You can also integrate OpSuite with your eCommerce and other sales channels to provide a seamless omnichannel experience for your customers. OpSuite can also help you effectively manage tasks such as reordering, returns, deposits and staged payments.

Yes, OpSuite is a great tool for dealing with clothing and footwear items that have different size and colour variations or other attributes. It caters to the specific demands of sportswear retailers, and it has strong inventory management features that simplify managing products with various size and colour choices and other characteristics. OpSuite lets you track item seasonality and find out slow moving stock.

Whether you’re selling products or offering additional services such as gait analysis or adjustments, personalisation or repairs, OpSuite has you covered.

With OpSuite, you can effectively monitor the performance and commissions of your sales representatives. OpSuite gives you the capability to assign a sales representative to every transaction, regardless of the cashier handling the transaction. This functionality empowers you to track and analyse the sales data for each individual, separate from the cashier data, allowing you to provide incentives and rewards to your sales team based on their achievements.

Yes, OpSuite tracks gift card inventory, sales and remaining balances. You can incentivise gift card sales through targeted promotions and offers. If a customer needs a gift receipt, OpSuite can generate this at the time of the transaction.

With OpSuite’s flexible layout designer, you can add item buttons to the point of sale screen to quickly and easily add items to a transaction. In addition to this, OpSuite point of sale has a powerful item search facility to allow you to find items using terms such as department, category or even price to name but a few!

Yes, with OpSuite’s built-in label designer, you can create custom labels to suit a wide range of products and assign templates to specific ranges. With options including dumbbell, butterfly and tags, we’ve got you covered for any labelling challenge.

Yes you can! We provide live online demonstrations of OpSuite and its capabilities. For the optimal demo experience, we suggest scheduling a discovery call with one of our team members beforehand. This enables our experts to gain insights into your business operations and identify the features that would best suit your unique business requirements.

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