Professional Electronic Point of Sale Services

At RMS we offer a range of professional and customisable services to help you choose the best EPoS Retail Management Solution for your business. With extensive backgrounds in retail and a keen eye for customer trends, we understand how EPoS solutions such as OpSuite can drive your business forward. Because we don’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach, our team always starts with a project scope. During this exercise we’ll work with you to identify what’s needed to deliver the perfect EPoS system for you, on time and within budget.

Whether you’re a new retail venture, a small ambitious group, or a large omni-channel retail chain — you can be confident that as your EPoS solution providers, we’ll deliver the right EPoS services for you.

Professional EPoS System in action

We’ll Take Your EPoS Journey From Here

While you continue to run your business as usual, we’ll be working in the background on a plan to transform your way of selling forever. During the planning stage we:


Gather all information required for configuration purposes


Work to incorporate all company-specific operational rules and policies into your proposed EPoS Retail Management Solution


Create a project plan that outlines the deployment of your system

Our meticulous approach to your EPoS system allows us to plan and set up your EPoS equipment in the most cost effective and efficient way. With minimal disturbance to your everyday business operations, complete EPoS solutions such as OpSuite can start delivering results immediately. Of course, we don’t expect you to master your new equipment and software without some help and guidance. This is why at RMS, we offer workshops, training sessions and UK-based customer support to help you get to grips with the fundamentals of your new EPoS system.

Workshop & Training

From our experience of developing and implementing EPoS solutions across a wide range of industries, we’ve learned that ‘workshopping’ and ‘end-user training’ work best when they’re given their own unique approach. Quality workshops and staff training are extremely important for making your EPoS project successful. Not only do they make the transition to using a new EPoS system easier, they’re also proven to ensure you gain maximum benefits from the software we supply to your business.

EPoS Workshopping

EPoS Workshopping

RMS workshops involve our EPoS experts sitting down with you in front of a test EPoS system and working through various processes to achieve certain goals. Whether your objective is to apply a complex promotion or add a customer reward, we help ensure you’re clear on what your system can achieve and how to achieve it.

EPoS Training

EPoS Training

Our OpSuite training sessions are focused on presenting your fully configured EPoS system to your retail staff in an accessible, but comprehensive way. For new recruits, we offer more condensed training sessions, as well as training that focuses on new or updated features. All of our training sessions can be carried out on-site or remotely.

Time to Switch to OpSuite EPoS?

If you’re worried that you’re not getting the most out of your current EPoS system, our EPoS project managers can assess your business and review your existing EPoS installation. Whether you’re operating a single store or an omni-channel enterprise, through listening to the challenges that you are having with your current system, we can discover together if OpSuite EPoS is a better match for your organisation.

With a detailed report of how OpSuite can be adapted to meet your specific requirements, you can make more informed decisions about the future of your sales operations.

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Retail KPIs are quantifiable measures of performance over time which demonstrate how effectively a business is reaching its goals. They provide targets to aim for, milestones to gauge, and insights that help businesses make better decisions and move forward at a strategic level. KPIs also provide a focus for operational improvement, an analytical basis for decision making and help focus attention on what matters most so that you can grow your business effectively.

Our brochure takes an in-depth look at:

6 KPIs to measure for your business

How to apply the KPIs

Meeting business goals

Focus on operational improvement

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