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Delivering EPoS solutions to ambitious retailers since 2004, RMS understands your unique requirements as a retailer. Aligning our experience and expertise with only the best technology on the market, we ensure your department store is always ready for its next challenge.

OpSuite’s EPoS solution is specifically designed to meet the needs of retailers offering a diverse range of products such as cosmetics, jewellery, homeware, clothing, footwear, and more. It even has functionality for restaurants and coffee shops within the same premises, helping you diversify and ‘future-proof’ your operations with ease.

Elevate your sales and empower your staff to sell more effectively with OpSuite, a new era of EPoS for department stores that includes features to enhance customer retention and streamline operations. 

Trust RMS to provide the best EPoS solution for your department store.

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Not Your Typical EPoS System

The intuitive EPoS solution your department store needs

OpSuite is the ultimate EPoS solution for department stores, featuring a user-friendly interface that facilitates quick training for your staff and enables them to provide exceptional customer service with better speed and accuracy.

Offering customisable screen layouts that allow you to personalise the system to meet your unique requirements, OpSuite helps you refine your operations and deliver a whole new level of customer experience.

With OpSuite, you can manage inventory more effectively by keeping track of stock levels and even consolidating sales data from both in-store and online channels into one centralised system. 

With advanced features such as integrated loyalty programs and real-time reporting, you no longer need to settle for a subpar EPoS system.

What Makes OpSuite the Best EPoS Solution for Your Department Store?

OpSuite’s advanced functionality and dynamic capabilities make it the EPoS of choice for retailers with multiple customer touch-points.

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Serve your customers with ease

Managing a department store can be challenging. With diverse product ranges, complex concessions, multiple sales counters and many departments to juggle — your staff need an intuitive point of sale (PoS) system they can rely on.

Efficient service and queue busting is critical, especially at peak periods such as Black Friday and Christmas. Luckily with OpSuite EPoS, you can keep queues down and sales up with mobile PoS. Equipped with Zebra TC21/26 or SUNMI L2H mobile units, your shop floor staff can serve customers wherever they are in-store.

With the support of OpSuite and the RMS team, you can ensure a streamlined sales process and customer experience that makes your store stand out for the right reasons!

Business Performance

Full oversight of business performance

To thrive in the retail industry, it’s crucial to have access to accurate business intelligence. However, relying on complicated spreadsheets and multiple sources of data may lead you to overlook crucial insights that could improve your retail strategy.

This is where an advanced retail management solution comes in handy.
OpSuite offers an intuitive interface that provides essential information at your fingertips. From stock position to revenue and profit margin, you can obtain in-depth insights into your business’s performance right down to the product level.

This information enables you to make more informed decisions, and stay ahead of your competitors in the ever-evolving retail sector.

Stock Management

Streamline inventory management

OpSuite simplifies inventory management for businesses by providing a unified system for tracking inventory and improving replenishment processes. Replacing the need for time-consuming manual processes and complicated spreadsheets, OpSuite allows you to focus on stocking the right products, at the perfect time.

If your business has multiple locations, OpSuite enables you to consolidate your entire inventory. This includes transferring stock between stores and maximising purchasing power — all in one place!

Department stores can also benefit from the ability to identify slow-moving products, maximise storage capacity, and regain control over purchase ordering with stocktaking through OpSuite’s wireless handheld devices.


Build your customer base

OpSuite’s loyalty functionality allows you to engage your customers and keep them coming back for more. With customisable features, you can tailor your rewards to meet your customers’ unique needs, encouraging them to spend more and promoting customer loyalty.

The OpSuite system also provides valuable marketing insights you can leverage to create personalised marketing campaigns with email marketing solutions such as SendGrid or MailChimp.

OpSuite’s advanced loyalty features include membership clubs, reward programs, and other loyalty initiatives that help capture valuable customer data and create a more engaging customer experience.


Simplify your most complex products

Department stores face unique challenges when it comes to managing inventory. This is largely due to the complexity of product variants and omnichannel sales.

However, with OpSuite’s matrix functionality, you can simplify your inventory management processes and ensure you’re in full control of your stock.

OpSuite’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to track and manage products with multiple variations, including different sizes and colours, as well as bundled products and kit items.

With OpSuite, you can ensure that your inventory data is accurate, and your customers can easily find the products they need.

Multiple Locations Icon

Expand your store with coffee shop and restaurant functionality

Running a department store with an on-site cafe or restaurant can be a great business opportunity, but it can also cause several challenges — especially when managing multiple EPoS systems.

This is where OpSuite comes in.

As a hybrid retail/hospitality solution, you don’t need a separate hospitality system to run a cafe or restaurant on your existing premises. This is because OpSuite can be configured to include hospitality features such as tableside ordering, kitchen printing, split bills and room layout designer.

With OpSuite’s integrations, your entire operation can be managed from one easy-to-use platform.

In Store and Online

Effortlessly sell in-store and online

Even though the retail industry has been moving towards an omnichannel approach for several years, many department store businesses still struggle to connect their in-store EPoS with their online eCommerce platform. This lack of integration can lead to inefficiencies and missed sales opportunities.

OpSuite’s comprehensive omnichannel solution can streamline your retail operations and give you a competitive edge. With centralised inventory management and unified sales data, you can track stock levels and sales across all channels.

OpSuite’s customer loyalty features also ensure that your customers are engaged and rewarded for their purchases, regardless of whether they shop in-store or online. By using OpSuite as your all-in-one solution, you can simplify your retail operations and improve your bottom line.


Create pricing strategies that boost sales

Managing pricing strategies across multiple channels and locations is no easy feat for retailers. Thankfully, OpSuite simplifies this process by enabling you to implement multiple pricing strategies and special offers such as quantity discounts, bundle discounts and price breaks.

From a single interface, you can make bulk price changes, schedule price discounts and integrate reward programs across multiple stores — keep your operations running smoothly and your customers happy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, different layouts and features can be assigned to each till depending on the department.
OpSuite has multiple different incentive schemes that can be used, such as loyalty and bounce back coupons. For example, a coupon can be automatically printed and used on the next transaction or even in the restaurant.
Yes, OpSuite allows for a sales rep to be assigned to a transaction — the data for which can be tracked separately from the cashier. This means sales can be more easily analysed for commission tracking.
OpSuite can be set to prompt to print the receipt, or it can be emailed to the customer.

Yes, OpSuite can be integrated with Vemcount to track footfall. Find out more about Vemcount here:

With OpSuite, there are several ways to increase your customer throughput at the point of sale. Just one example would be to deploy integrated card processing but the team at RMS would be happy to talk you through some other options!
Yes, OpSuite allows for multiple user roles that can be tailored to ensure each staff member only has the access that they require.

Yes, we offer live online demonstrations of OpSuite. However, to get the most out of your demo, we recommend booking a discovery call with a member of our team first. This way, our experts can find out how your business operates and identify which features you may need in advance. This is to ensure that your demo is tailored to your specific business.

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