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How the Posiflex JIVA XT Series Improves Efficiency for Retailers

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The Posiflex JIVA XT Series is a series of high quality EPoS systems that aim to make your life as a retailer easier.

The three models in the JIXA XT Series include the:

  • XT3215 EPoS System
  • XT3015 EPoS System
  • XT4015 EPoS System

There are three tiers of this EPoS series that range from a more basic model of the XT3215 to the premium and innovative XT4015. These terminals bring a more professional appearance to any retail store as well as being easy to use and reliable.

Retailers face many challenges on an everyday basis but these EPoS terminals allow retailers to focus on running their business without having to worry about the technology.

Do you face challenges such as:

  • Efficiently Managing Stock Levels?
  • Retaining Customer Loyalty?
  • Improving Customer Service?
  • Making Accounting Faster and More Accurate?
  • Access to Real Time Reporting?
  • Seamless E-Commerce Integration?

If so the Posiflex XT JIVA series from RMS has exactly what you need to get started to face these challenges. Epos systems such as the XT JIVA Series have been designed specifically to meet the requirements of ambitious retailers.

All of these systems are equipped with state-of-the-art SSD storage options. This option brings several advanced benefits that other less pioneering systems don’t feature.  This includes ensuring low power consumption as well as greatly reducing the time taken to find data, improving durability and resistance to physical shock. With the SSD, the XT JIVA Series boots faster, launches apps faster, and has higher overall performance.

As a retailer, efficiency is bound to be an area you are regularly looking to improve and this is exactly what the XT Series aims to do. Find out more about the differences between SSD and HDD storage options in this RMS blog post.

The XT3015 and XT4015 both feature bezel free, resistive shock touchscreens that combine with a sculptured slim design that makes it easy to interact with and brings an appealing aesthetic to your retail environment.

Unlike many other retail EPoS systems, all three models of this series are very flexible with a foldable base that has three different configurations for greater adaptability and therefore providing improved customer interaction.

Additionally our retail EPoS software – OpSuite – seamlessly combines with our hardware bundles to offer retailers the perfect solution for their business.

This series of EPoS systems are for both aspiring and established retailers. Designed to assist you in achieving the goals you have set to get or stay ahead of the competition.

For further information on the XT JIVA Series from Posiflex or how EPoS systems from RMS can greatly improve efficiency for retailers please don’t hesitate to contact us or call 01750 700527.

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