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The end of the road is in sight for Support on Microsoft Dynamics’ Retail Management System!

Which way now for retailers using Microsoft Dynamics’ Retail Management System?

Microsoft Dynamics’ Retail Management System (RMS) has for 12 years represented great value as a complete ‘point of sale’ (POS) solution which could be tailored to meet the unique requirements of small and midsize independent retailers. This powerful software package has provided centralised control to retailers by automating their POS processes and store operations.

Now this is coming to an end in the not too distant future!

Already it is almost two years since it was announced that Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS) would be entering the “extended support phase” of its product life cycle. This effectively meant that the popular EPoS software had reached its end of life with Microsoft planning no future development.

In fact, even the existing ‘Extended support’ on Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS) will cease to be available on July 13th 2021 by Microsoft.

In this Blog you’ll learn the steps you can take to ensure this does not have a detrimental effect on your business ……..

All good things come to an end unfortunately, but, the next good thing can begin as soon as ‘you’ give it permission to start.

If you represent one of the 40,000+ companies using Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS), then no doubt you now left looking for an alternative.

If you are a current user and aren’t sure what to do (and you want our advice), we’d say, “Don’t delay – start making the transition now as fast as you can. You can be certain that your competitors already have their plans in place.”

Transition is a time of change and there are three important steps which are really important to implement when you know change is inevitable. Observing these steps will help you and your retail business negotiate the change more easily and smoothly.

  1. Change is not the problem – resistance to change is the problem. Explore the other side of change by pushing yourself to be willing to explore all aspects of a change to your EPoS software, and its outcomes. Be courageous and enter into discussions with expert advisers on the consequences (both positive and negative) that this change may bring you. Remember that this particular transition (even if you don’t like it at the moment) will most likely turn out to have many hidden benefits for your retail business.
  2. Find an expert to talk to – someone who is experienced with Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS) and has extensive retail background knowledge ensuring they can fully understand you and your business, and are able to provide accurate advice and guidance on the best solution to drive your business efficiency and profitability.
  3. Give yourself lots of time – Whilst your professional advisers will be supremely experienced, making the transition from one EPoS system to another can be a period of uncertainty for you. Starting the transition now will ensure that you, your employees and your business have total confidence in the new system before the ‘Go-Live’ button is pushed to bring it to life as the body and soul of your retail business before your old system is dead and buried.

If you start making the transition now, your future looks pretty good!

Should you be considering taking your company forward into the future with a Retail Management Solution to control all aspects of your retail stock and purchase orders across your multi-channel or Omni-channel business, the dedicated project managers at RMS can work with you to make the transition to Cloud-hosted OpSuite leading to increased profits for your business not just for the year ahead but well into the future.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions about the Retail Management Solution Services we provide, please Contact Us today on 01750 700 527 or via our on-line enquiry form

We look forward to helping you with the future EPoS needs of your growing business.

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