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RMS Store Operations & Headquarters Replacement

Microsoft Dynamics RMS Store Operations & Headquarters End of Life

As long ago as 2015, Microsoft announced that their retail point of sale solution, or Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System to give it its correct title, would be retiring in 2016. However, whilst the product was then no longer available to new customers, support continued for existing customers until July 2021.

With over 20 years of experience in the supply and support of Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System Store Operations and Headquarters solutions across a broad spectrum of retail sectors, RMS are the perfect partner if you are seeking a next generation replacement.

RMS offer a comprehensive selection of professional services and support options and are committed to assisting current users of Microsoft Dynamics RMS to adopt an up-to-date EPoS system.

If you are considering upgrading from Microsoft Dynamics RMS, this needs careful planning and a lot of factors have to be taken into account. RMS can help you formulate a strategy and plan for the migration, ensuring that essential considerations such as hardware replacements, operating system changes and other factors that may affect the viable operation of your system are taken into account. Our Dynamics RMS replacement OpSuite extends the functionality and features of Microsoft RMS to further enhance the benefits of the system, from data management and loyalty through to PCI compliant integrated chip and pin.

Changing your EPoS system may seem like a daunting task, but with careful planning and professional support, we can assist you with a smooth transition. Contact us today to book an initial discovery call so we can ensure that OpSuite that meets your needs.

Microsoft Dynamics RMS Replacement Audits and Reviews

Technology changes at an alarming pace and your current hardware and operating systems can quickly become obsolete or unsupported resulting in unplanned expenditure, operational problems and disrupted customer service.

Many of these potential issues can be negated if you proactively monitor and manage your IT systems and plan ahead to cover foreseen changes.

RMS can offer you a formal review-audit service and a forward plan of action to change to a supported system. Keeping your software up to date and problem free provides the following benefits:

  • Reduced hardware & software maintenance costs.

  • Reduced out of service time and operational disruption.

  • Improved installation security and resilence.

  • Peace of mind knowing that your valuable resources are being kept in good order.

Planning your Transition to OpSuite

Testing and Training

Planning your transition to OpSuite is a crucial step in the process. This should include training your staff on your new system, migrating your business data if required, and rigorously testing the new system before going live. Don’t forget to schedule downtime for the transition to minimise disruption to your business.

RMS offers a workshopping service and high-quality staff training to ensure that your EPoS migration project is successful.

Staff Development

At RMS we offer a range of on-site, remote access and workshop training options to help users get the most from your system, software and people including retail point of sale operations, back office reporting, stock control, customer loyalty and promotions, order management and stock takes.

Why not take advantage of our extensive knowledge and experience today and request a discovery call to discuss the next steps.

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