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Tommy Chapman


The Aures YUNO Epos System for Retailers

The YUNO is an all new state-of-the-art Epos system from Aures.

If you’re in retail then efficiency and style are likely to be of high importance to you. This makes the YUNO a system worth having a look at in more detail!

This stylish and innovative Epos system will bring a professional appearance to any retail outlet while at the same time giving a relaxed and modern vibe. As a retailer, efficiency is bound to be an area that you are constantly looking to improve. What is important to you as the retailer?  Is it:

  • Increasing customer interaction and loyalty?
  • Appearing sophisticated?
  • Easy to use hardware?
  • Pioneering technology that provides you with a system that is reliable?
  • Improving the efficiency of how you order stock, manage staff and organise marketing?

Epos systems such as the YUNO have been designed specifically to meet the requirements of ambitious retailers and this is done in several ways.

Ways in which the YUNO aims to improve these areas of your retail operation is through three main features – flexibility, sleek body design and easy to interact touchscreen. Unlike many other Epos systems on the market, the YUNO is flexible in that it offers three mounting options: VESA wall mounting, on a pole or on a base.

Furthermore where some designers of Epos systems forget the importance of factoring in an attractive designAures have made this of paramount importance.

Its sleek design coupled with a flat, zero bezel multi-touch screen makes this not only an eye catching system but also a practical system that is resistant to dust and water as well as being shock and scratch proof.  The flexibility and engaging aesthetic instantly aim to increase customer interaction at the till and in return loyalty and retention.

The technology and hardware are both easy-to-use and advanced.  Fitted with a state-of-the-art 64Gb Solid State Drive (SSD) brings several advanced benefits that other less pioneering systems don’t feature.  This includes ensuring low power consumption as well as greatly reducing the time taken to find data, improving durability and resistance to physical shock. With the SSD, the YUNO boots faster, launches apps faster, and has higher overall performance.

This is a system that is easy to interact with and this ease of use builds confidence in consumers who then feel they can trust your organisation’s capability to deliver timely and effectively.

The YUNO is an Epos system for both aspiring and established retailers. Designed to assist you in achieving the goals you have set to get or stay ahead of the competition. The video below provides more information about this truly innovative product:

If you would like to find out more about this innovative device, please don’t hesitate to contact RMS.

Find the full data sheet here:

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