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Attendees at the FREE RMS EPoS TRAINING DAY have declared the event a resounding success and an invaluable contribution to improving retail sales, purchasing and stock management within their businesses.

Afterwards attendees gave very positive evaluations and compliments as to the quality of the presentations, speakers, and overall organisation of the event.

The RMS EPoS Training Day was provided free of cost to attendees and was designed to help retailers using Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System improve their business profitability. One universal comment from attendees was they had obtained enormous value from the event and that they would like to have more of the same.


For independent retailers, training of management and staff is essential to stay ahead of competitors by utilising to the maximum all the benefits available from the rich features of their RMS EPoS system.

In key training sessions on ‘RMS EPoS Best Practises’ attendees learned directly from RMS’s experts on how they could use their EPoS system to the fullest and improve profitability in their business. Topics included:

  • Obtaining the full benefits of reporting.
  • With a clear plan, data recovery need not be a worry.
  • Database housekeeping essentials for maximum efficiency.
  • Purchase orders, transfers & returns.
  • Stock taking, perpetual inventory checks and negative stock.
  • Reducing Chip & Pin costs.
  • POS.
  • Introducing New Support Levels.
  • Minimising shrinkage.
  • Effective labelling.

The event was held at the RMS offices amongst the rolling hills of the beautiful Scottish Borders.


Jim Lenaghan, Managing Director at RMS said afterwards, “I strongly believe that RMS is leading the EPoS industry with our determination to provide first class customer service through events like this and the pro-active monitoring of our clients’ EPoS systems which we carry out on an hourly basis. There is nothing more powerful than when the RMS community comes together from all over the country to share ideas and purpose, and I am delighted that we received so many complimentary comments from everyone attending”.

Would you like to participate in the next RMS EPoS Training Day and obtain invaluable training and expert advice around key areas of RMS aimed at improving profitability for your company?

Yes?  Then contact RMS HERE, or call us today on 01750 700 527 to register your interest.

We look forward to meeting you at the next event.

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