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Here’s how retailers can quickly cut through today’s technological hardware puzzle and communicate with their customers..

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Today we are operating in a fast moving environment where new forms of communication are playing a big role in the world of retail.

For many independent retailers needing to effectively communicate with customers, all the acronyms and phrases surrounding today’s technology can be extremely puzzling, and that’s before the actual hardware required is considered!

It is a sign of strength in an individual to recognise when you are not good at something and bring someone in who is. We all know that we should employ the right people to perform in areas where we do not feel comfortable or have the necessary expertise to do the best possible job.

But, most independent businesses don’t have the budget for such a position.

Fortunately, that’s where BT Local Business can help you.

We spoke recently with David Hodge, Managing Director, of BT Local Business Edinburgh & South Scotland about how his company assists retailers cut through the technological jargon and hardware to ensure they are equipped correctly to communicate effectively with the public.

The following is the insights David provided to our questions …………

Q. What is BT Local Business?

A. BT Local Business is a network of independent businesses backed by BT and tasked with working with businesses which may have between 1 and 50 employees. We bring technology products, services, expertise and local understanding to your doorstep. We work exclusively with BT Products and have access to BT Systems so we can best help and advise our customers.

Q. What are the products and services that BT Local Business offer retailers?

A. Successful retailers, in our experience, are constantly evolving and we can help map BT services on to their needs and ensure they stay up to date. Our whole focus at BT Local Business is to provide the bedrock of retail client’s communications. Whether that be broadband to enable e-services, links for voice, dedicated internet connections with speeds up to 10Gb/sec, telephone systems and the associated network services that support every UK business.

Q. Which products provided by BT are particularly popular and helpful for those in the retail industry?

A. We have new technology, network based phone systems, which allow small and medium retailers to run single and multi-site businesses with features that in the past would have only been affordable to large enterprise. It gives our customers the ability to answer their business calls anywhere, at any time and in a way that suits them in a way of their choosing and control costs in the process.

Business relies more heavily on the internet these days and BT have a range of products that offer retailers dedicated, high availability internet connections. We can deliver speeds of up to 10Gb/sec virtually anywhere in the UK with 100% up-time service level agreements.

Q. If I have an issue with my BT service, can you help?

A. We’re on hand to advise on the best way to resolve any issues that you have with BT, we’ll act as a point of contact and local champion to the point of resolution.

Q. How can retailers get the best advice from BT?

A. Very simply, by speaking to us. BT Local Business Edinburgh and Central Scotland has more than trebled our workforce in the last year, giving us more time to speak to businesses about how they can benefit from existing and new technologies. We understand that our customers are busy in turn with their customers and need impartial advice on how they can apply technology to both improve their service levels and control cost. Speak to us today, call us on 01506 426 100 opt 4 to arrange a free consultation.

Q. Would you deal with someone in Birmingham. London, Norwich?

A. There are Local Business office throughout the UK, you can find your local office here:

Q. What benefits does BT Local Business provide?

A. Face-to-face meetings so we get to know you, your business, and what you need. We’re experts in helping businesses get the most from BT services. We also use approved products from other vendors so you always get the best possible solution for your business.

You can Freephone RMS today on 0800 138 0050 or complete our on-line enquiry form to speak with one of our dedicated team. Either way, we look forward to helping you with the EPoS  needs of your growing business.

You can also follow RMS on Social Media for all the latest information on the benefits, features and great deals on EPoS Hardware.

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