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Retailers Against Crime Q and A

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I recently attended a seminar where Maxine Fraser of Retailers Against Crime discussed the services that the organisation offer, and I thought I would share with you the insightful information we found out about how Retailers Against Crime support retailers across the UK.

Maxine has kindly provided a Q and A below for retailers as to why she feels it is important to be a member of Retailers Against Crime and what it is they can do for you.

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  1. Who are Retailers Against Crime and what services do you offer retailers?

Retailers Against Crime is a retail crime partnership, established in 1997 to detect and deter crime including acts of violence. RAC does this by circulating information, methods and images on local and travelling suspects to our members, crime partnerships and police throughout the UK.  Our members include all retailers (from the village store to the high street), shopping centers, retail parks and more recently hotels. RAC is not for profit, managed, driven and funded by its members with offices in Stirling and Lisburn.

  1. How do these services benefit retailers?

Forewarning of those who may target their premise leading to early recognition and detection of suspects, deterring thefts before they occur, enabling members to recognise methods of suspects which can also be a deterrent

  1. What is the most common criminal activity shopkeepers are vulnerable to?

Theft of stock

  1. How would you recommend preventing that?

In store CCTV and customer service are the most effective ways of deterring and also detecting crime.

  1. What other criminal activity affects retailers?

Card fraud, counterfeit currency

  1. What is the best way for retailers to be vigilant of potential criminals?

There is no stereotype of a ‘shoplifter’. Any person that walks in to your premise may be there to steal or to commit fraud. Being aware of customers and providing consistent customer service for example ‘Can I help you’ and/or ‘Hello’. Ensure you are aware of security features on cards and notes – this information is available free directly through the RAC website.

  1. As a member of Retailers Against Crime what is provided?

Service Training which details:

  • Data Protection Legislation and how to use RAC information

Monthly Newsletter featuring:

  • Suspects requiring identification, regional news and updates
  • Images and intelligence on organised travelling teams and individuals
  • Images and intelligence on suspects local to your area

Website Secure Members Area features monthly newsletters plus:

  • Up to the minute bulletins on all active suspects
  • Latest images and intelligence of all active suspects
  • RAC Teams, Targets and Methods booklet
  • Identification sought gallery
  • Reporting ability to submit information and upload images direct to RAC

Intelligence Briefings/Regional Meetings feature:

  • Methods of operation and images of active suspects targeting your area
  • Card fraud, counterfeit currency
  • Footage of incidents
  • Crime prevention information
  • Local police participation
  1. What crime prevention methods can retailers adopt to reduce their vulnerability?

Be Aware of your Customers

Good customer service is the single most effective method of deterring theft and is a proven method of discouraging thieves who thrive on anonymity. For example:

  • Be aware and acknowledge all of your customers
  • Always face your customers
  • Develop your sense of observation to spot any suspicious behaviour
  • Contact the police if aggressive or threatening individuals refuse to leave the store upon your request.
  1. Is your training available to retailers?

Yes our training is free to members and available to non-members at a minimum cost.

  1. How do retailers become a member of Retailers Against Crime?

Contact Retailers Against Crime on 01786 471451


Or enquire through our website:

retail solutions that work for you

At RMS we have found the information that Maxine has provided to be an insightful and eye opening read of what retailers can do to combat criminal activity against their business.

If you would like to find out more about how Retailers Against Crime can help you as a retailer, then please don’t hesitate to either contact RMS and we would be happy to pass on your details or contact Retailers Against Crime directly.

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