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Meet the manufacturer: Zebra Technologies

Published On: 10 May 2019By 3.4 min readCategories: Retail EPoS

zebra technologies

At RMS, we believe in providing the best retail hardware for companies both big and small. Whether your business needs barcode scanners, label printers or ID card printers Zebra Technologies offer standout options that we are proud to provide.

Initially founded in 1969 as Data Specialities Incorporated (a manufacturer of high-speed electromechanical products) a change of focus towards labelling and ticketing occurred in 1982. The Zebra Technologies brand was born in 1986, and the company went on to be publicly traded in 1991. Strategic mergers and acquisitions, including the 2014 acquisition of the Motorola Solutions Enterprise Business, have been followed by a legacy of constant innovation – Zebra hold over 4,200 patents.

Zebra is the #1 business in Rugged Mobile Computers, Data Capture, Barcode Printing and Mobile RFID. The company has won five consecutive prestigious Red Dot design awards, operates in over 100 countries and employs over 7,000 people.

Zebra is headquartered in Lincolnshire, Illinois, have more than 80 offices worldwide and an annual revenue exceeding $3.7 billion.

Award Winning Design

In 2018, the TC20 mobile computer and TC25 rugged smartphone were awarded the prestigious Red Dot Award for product design. This marked the fourth consecutive year Zebra has received this prestigious honor. Other winning devices include the super robust Zebra DS3678-ER cordless scanner and the novel thumb-triggered RS507 ring scanner.

tc20.jpgZebra DS3678-ER Rugged DS3678-ER2F003VZWW

Zebra’s legacy of award-winning hardware makes it easy to recommend to anyone in retail, warehousing or more advanced industrial applications.
In 2019, Zebra won a Red Dot Award yet again…

Zebra ZC100

Product Spotlight: ZC100 Card Printer

A plastic card printer has many uses for a modern business: staff IDs, membership cards or loyalty cards can all add value to a business. While printing cards in-house may cost more than outsourcing in the short term, the convenience of being able to print small batches and having the added information security of managing the print in-house can pay off in the long term.

The ZC100 Card printer is ideal for lower volume, single side printing and is therefore suitable for smaller businesses. The ZC100 is groundbreakingly simple and is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. It is perfect for student IDs, staff IDs and membership cards in lower security requirement environments. It’s also ideal for loyalty programme cards. Premier EPOS systems, such as our own OpSuite, allow for the complex integration of loyalty and other magnetic stripe cards.

Zebra EZ320 DT 203dpi Mobile L8D-0UB0E060-00

Product Spotlight: Zebra EZ320 Mobile Printer

Mobile ticketing and receipt printing has various applications: on the road, on farms, in retail stores, or in warehouse and manufacturing environments. The Zebra EZ320 mobile printer offers outstanding performance with the features you need to best meet a variety of mobile receipt and ticket applications. Bluetooth wireless connectivity, a rugged design and an easy-to-charge 8-hour battery enable true mobility and reliable performance.

Fast print speed combines with easy loading and operation to enhance user efficiency. Affordable, small, lightweight and attractive, the EZ320 printer is easy to wear wherever you need to print receipts or tickets. While the printer’s low maintenance requirements will reduce your operating costs, local service and support are there when you need them.

Future of Zebra

One of Zebra’s main focuses in recent years has been on the future of fulfilment. As experts in labelling and scanning, Zebra are in a great position to innovate during the digitisation of the supply chain. Some of the findings from their major Future of Fulfilment study are shown below. For example, just 39% of the operators questioned deem themselves to be “omni-channel”.

top trends

At RMS, we’re delighted to be suppliers of Zebra hardware. They are a perfect match for our vision for omnichannel retailers. See the full range of Zebra hardware on our e-commerce website.

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