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Winners of multiple Red Dot Design awards, OXHOO was founded in Paris by Gilles Bouvart in 2013. Known for quality and innovative design, OXHOO develop unique PoS solutions using the latest technologies.

RMS pride ourselves on our range of market-leading point of sale technology and carefully select each product we supply. We’re proud to be an official OXHOO partner and have hand picked a range of terminals, scanners, cash drawers, thermal printers, modular systems and mobile EPoS products to compliment our hardware range.

Product Spotlight: OXHOO MOOV Hybrid EPoS System

MOOV • OXHOO - Creating innovative solutions

The fanless OXHOO MOOV Hybrid EPoS System offers high performance and freedom. For mobile use, pick up the screen and make your way around your store or even take it home to complete your day. The MOOV comes with an integrated 2D scanner, both WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity and a 5 year warranty.

Product Spotlight: OXHOO EVOQ EPoS System


The high-performance, versatile and ultra-compact OXHOO EVOQ EPoS System allows you to quickly integrate your new system into all types of environments and comes as standard with a 128GB SSD storage option and 4GB of RAM. Both the SSD and RAM can be increased for more data intensive solutions if required.

This elegant design is aesthetically pleasing in any store environment.

Product Spotlight: OXHOO ZEO EPoS System with Built-In Thermal Receipt Printer

Zeo UK • OXHOO - Creating innovative solutions

The fanless OXHOO ZEO EPoS System is the first OXHOO terminal to include an easily accessible and removable, built-in OXHOO TP85 Thermal Receipt Printer. This space saving solution is perfect for any business where counter space is limited.

The ZEO is available in black or white and can be customised to meet your requirements.

Product Spotlight: OXHOO TP90 Thermal Receipt Printer

OXHOO TP90 Thermal Printer Black

The compact OXHOO TP90 Thermal Receipt Printer is a front loading thermal printer with a triple interface of USB, RS232 and Ethernet and is available in black or white.

The front-facing light bar illuminates with specific colours to indicate operating status: green signifies “Ready”, red signifies “Error” and blue signifies “Busy”.

Product Spotlight: OXHOO BC961 Imaging Scanner

OXHOO BC961 Imaging Scanner - RMS EPoS Solutions

The wireless, handheld OXHOO BC961 Imaging Scanner effectively reads even the most illegible 1D and 2D barcodes. This scanner uses a USB interface by way of a radio signal to connect with its base, providing unrestricted movement for the user for a distance of up to 30m. Scan items quickly and effortlessly with a read speed of 60fps. This unit also offers an incredible 16 hour battery life so you don’t have to return it to the base frequently between use.

Product Spotlight: OXHOO BC452 Imaging Scanner

OXHOO BC452 Omnidirectional Imager - RMS EPoS Solutions

For clutter-free till space, the OXHOO BC452 Omnidirectional Imager is an excellent option. This scanner’s small footprint allows you to have a clear desk and can scan from a distance of up to 70mm. The scanner’s imager autofocus system can read any 1D or 2D barcode, regardless of the condition.

Product Spotlight: OXHOO TR330 Cash Drawer

TR330 UK • OXHOO - Creating innovative solutions

The OXHOO TR330 Cash Drawer features a steel drawer with two windows on the front and slides to allow for quick and easy access during a transaction. The drawer includes 8 coin slots and 4 note slots with metal tongs to keep notes in place.

This cash drawer can be unlocked manually or opened electronically using an RJ11 cable connected to an EPoS Printer or to an EPoS terminal.

Discover OXHOO With RMS

At RMS we are proud to offer this exciting hardware range to our customers. To view our full list of OXHOO products, visit our website here.

Why choose RMS?

RMS have worked with ambitious businesses for over 18 years, supplying tailored software solutions and EPoS hardware throughout the UK and further afield. Please contact us and discover how we can support your business to increase profits with the latest technology.

Financing Your New EPoS Equipment

RMS have partnered with Bluestar Leasing to offer our customers an affordable means to lease their new EPoS equipment. To obtain an instant lease quotation through our quotation tool, select your business type, input the net cost of your new equipment and choose your lease term.

For more information on how leasing your EPoS equipment can benefit your business, watch this short video:

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