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Integrate your web-store to your retail shop sales with this ‘OpServices API Developers Guide’.

Have you ever imagined the benefits you would receive with your eCommerce website fully integrated with all your in-store sales, hires, purchases,

prices, promotions, loyalty programs, warehousing, finance packages and other developments?

Of course you have! Like every ambitious retailer you have a desire to be the best at what you do by constantly being a step ahead of your major competitors.

Well now, through our OpServices API, you really can achieve your goals of streamlining every aspect of your retail operations by integrating OpSuite Retail Management Solution with your eCommerce store and treating sales from it just like sales from any other store within your business.

OpSuite is a Cloud-managed Retail management System with growing implementation across the UK as it epitomises the very latest in EPoS technology representing an opportunity to improve customer in-store experience as well as better systems connectivity.

OpSuite offers extensive functionality to meet a variety of needs for retailers in managing their business. However, as new applications continue to emerge offering even more business process improvement into more and more areas of a retail business you may find yourself asking whether it’s possible to integrate OpSuite with specific third-party applications.

By far the most frequently asked question we receive about OpSuite is, “Does OpSuite integrate with the platform which my web-store sits on?”
The very simple answer is “Yes, it does!

In fact, with OpSuite as your in-Store Retail Management Software and fully integrated with your web-store you will be able to leverage and expand your retail selling time and selling area many times over, increasing business and your overall exposure to consumers near and far.

OpSuite is ‘Open and Ready to Connect’ allowing development to integrate specific areas of your retail business such as ERP/Accountancy systems, Shipping carriers, Warehouse management systems and other bespoke developments.

Isn’t this just what you as an ambitious retailer wants for your business? It’s the Holy Grail of Retail Management Solutions – OpSuite, an innovative Cloud-managed EPoS System integrated with your eCommerce store and treating sales from it just like sales from any other store within your business.

It’s easy to integrate with OpSuite, simply contact RMS today. Call 01750 700 527 or Contact us by email, and as a first step we’ll provide you with our OpSuite ‘OpServices API Developers Guide’.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about your website integration, or the Retail Management Solution Services we provide, please Contact Us today on 01750 700 527 or via our on-line enquiry form

Should you be considering taking your company forward into the future with an enhanced Retail Management Solution for controlling all aspects of your retail stock and purchase orders across your multi-channel or Omni-channel business, RMS can work with you to improve back office performance, leading to increased profits for your business.

We look forward to helping you with the future EPoS needs of your growing business.

You can also follow RMS on Social Media for all the latest information on the great benefits, features and deals on EPoS Hardware.

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