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Batteries Not Included – The New 1202g-bf Barcode Scanner from Honeywell

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Yes, you heard us right. RMS brings you the all new battery free scanner designed by Honeywell, the Voyager 1202bf – Battery Free, Wireless, Laser Barcode Scanner.

This fantastically innovative scanner doesn’t even require batteries.  Powered by a super capacitor it provides power for at least 100 scans with a scan every 1 second (or 35 scans with a scan every 6 seconds) before recharging in a wall adapter to full power in 35 seconds. Removing the hassle associated with the maintenance of traditional battery scanners as well as making this a lighter and environmentally friendly device. Therefore putting this device at the height of modern retail technology.



The exciting new battery free technology combined with flexible Bluetooth wireless technology grants freedom of movement of up to 10 metres away from the base. Ensuring greater efficiency at the checkout and less waiting time for your customers.

The battery free Voyager 1202-bf is ideal for retail environments where occasional wireless scanning is needed for bulky items that are left in the shopping cart, reducing hassle for cashiers and customers alike. Furthermore, this device is extremely easy to use in comparison to traditional barcode scanners as it has built in automatic interface configuration which reduces the time consuming task of having to scan programming barcodes.

Incorporating an in built intelligent paging functionality means that you’ll never lose your barcode scanner again.  By simply pressing the buttons on the base of the scanner, the Voyager 1202g-bf responds with a series of beeps and blinking lights to help you easily locate the scanner.

Battery Free Barcode Scanner

This Voyager plug-and-play barcode scanner aims to give retailers a competitive advantage by increasing speed and efficiency at the checkout.

If you would like to find out more about this innovative device, please don’t hesitate to contact RMS.

Find the full data sheet here:

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