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7 Ways to Get Your Retail Business in the Christmas Spirit

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merry-christmas-png-9Whilst the message loud and clear is that Christmas is a time of year abundant in joy, goodwill and cheer, it can be one of the most stressful times of the year for many retailers.

The stress comes from many angles and often its only you, the business owner or manager, who is subjected to it.

Stresses such as “Yes, Christmas holidays can be an incredibly profitable time, but that’s provided you can compete with immense competition!”
The health of your retail business could be riding on this year’s Christmas marketing campaign and subsequent sales!
You have employees taking time off for the holidays, slowing productivity!
The year-end accounts need to be closed (and taxes paid), adding to the mounting anxiety of the holiday season!

With stresses like this, it’s tempting when everyone is encouraging you to get in the Christmas spirit,  to reply with a spiteful “bah, humbug!”

Despite all the holiday stresses, your retail business can indeed get into the Christmas spirit.santa-thumbs-up-clipart
It starts with you, of course, whose responsibility it is to spread Christmas cheer to your employees.
When you do that, your staff members will be happier. They’ll find their jobs more meaningful, and they’ll in turn spread the Spirit of Christmas with your customers – ultimately enhancing your public image and boosting holiday sales.

The trick to getting your small business in the Christmas spirit is to avoid focusing solely on profits. That’s what your sales and marketing efforts are for.
Once those are set for the holiday season, it’s time to encourage a culture of good tidings among your employees.

Here are 7 ways to get your retail business in the Christmas spirit.

  1. Randomly give a small gift to customers.

  2. Hold a Secret Santa gift exchange for employees.

  3. Invite the homeless in your town centre to a Christmas tea & sandwich lunch in your canteen.

  4. Host a Christmas party on your premises after close of business for your employees and their children.

  5. Hold a Facebook Christmas photo contest for your customers with your employees picking the best photo.

  6. Invite employees’ children to sing Christmas carols on your premises during lunch hour and encourage staff to join in.

  7. Organise an in-store or online ‘free to enter’ competition for the public with an attractive prize chosen at random.

We hope the above has given you some ideas for generating Christmas Spirit. As an example, here’s the RMS Christmas competition featuring an Aures Yuno EPoS bundle as the main prize. Have you entered yet?

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