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3 in 1 Mobile Retail Solution from RMS and HP

As part of RMS’ new partnership with HP retail solutions we are proud to announce the HP MX10 mobile EPoS solution to our product portfolio.

HP have over 40 years of experience in helping retailers evolve with the dynamics of a changing marketplace.  The HP MX10 mobile POS solution enhances the customer experience by combining all the advantages of mobile and traditional electronic-point-of-sale in a single solution.  This device greatly assists in improving the customer shopping experience by reducing queues at traditional points of sale and increasing the interactive relationship between customer and staff.

HP retail solutions give retailers the opportunity to deliver the convenient, consistent service that customers expect with technology solutions that can be counted on. Suitable for all retail verticals, HP MX10 mobile POS system offers the power, performance and flexibility you need to keep customers coming back.

The HP MX10 Retail Solution comprises of the HP ElitePad and a choice of HP Retail Jacket, HP Retail Case or HP Expansion Dock:-

Slip the HP ElitePad into the HP Retail Jacket to access built-in POS functionalities. With an integrated barcode scanner and magnetic stripe reader, along with access to all of the HP ElitePad’s essentials, you can quickly react to meet customer needs out on the sales floor.

Turn your HP ElitePad into a powerful POS tool         with the HP Retail Case, designed to help you             assist customers out on the floor, conduct                   inventory, and mobilise transactions.

Just snap the mobile unit into the HP Retail                                   Expansion Dock for a complete POS solution                                 that integrates into your existing                                                     infrastructure.

HP retail systems are ideally suited for both aspiring and established retailers.

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If you would like to find out more about the HP MX10 mobile retail EPoS system and how this device can assist you with achieving your retail goals then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Freephone us on 0800 138 0050 or fill out our enquiry form.

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