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Why You Should Consider A Card Printer For Your Business

Published On: 29 August 2018By 3.2 min readCategories: EPoS System

rms---card-printerSocial-PostWhen is a card printer suitable for my business?

When a business looks to buy print materials, there is a tradeoff between investing in a printer and printing in-house or using an external printing service. For most companies, external print shops will always be more cost effective as they’ll never print enough to justify the spend on a printer.

When it comes to plastic card printer, however, there are additional considerations a business has to take into account. Plastic card printers offer flexibility, multiple use cases and often are used for small batches or individual cards.

Here are some reasons why your business should consider a plastic card printer.

Photo IDs

From a simple photo, logo and name that increases security confidence within your organisation (allowing security personnel to scan a room for people without ID cards) to 1D barcodes and magnetic stripes that you can integrate into flexi-time and other attendance systems. These are perfect for student IDs and staff in ID in a lower security requirement environment.

Membership Cards

Again, this allows membership driven organisations such as gyms and cinemas to increase security levels, decrease account fraud and enables a simplification of the sign in system. Members can just swipe in or flash their card for access instead of using a sign-in book, entering a passcode or using other higher-friction access systems.

Loyalty Cards

When a customer puts a significant amount of effort into acquiring loyalty points and other loyalty-based benefits they want to know that they are the only person who can claim them. While this benefits the customer, having accurate purchasing data associated with a particular account allows for the business to inform marketing decisions.

EPOS Integration

Premier EPOS systems, such as our own OpSuite, will allow for complex integrations of loyalty cards and other ID cards. By directly integrating loyalty into core business analysis software – such as stocktaking and inventory management, multi-store, multi-currency and finance applications you can evaluate the business benefits of loyalty in your central business dashboard.

Secure Door Management

RFID, magnetic stripe and other keycard locks offer additional security to a business – preventing people without permission access to secure parts of your premise. From keeping stray members of the public away from your stock room to ensuring that servers and other business-critical technology can only be accessed by approved members of staff, this functionality can reduce business risk and increase data compliance.

Internal Security

Handing sensitive customer and staff information over to a print shop adds additional business risk. The transit of the card adds even more business risk if the cards are lost or stolen. Managing the print process in-house, within your data security and confidentiality framework is often the better solution.

Speed + Volume of Print

How many print shops will print one of anything? If you are hiring new staff every month or getting new members every day handling the printing of plastic cards in-house makes sense. The amount of time between you needing the card and getting the card is as simple as filling in the details, adding the image and hitting “print”. Convenience, reliability and speed.


Other considerations

Not all printers are born equal. Be sure to properly evaluate what sort of requirements you have before buying a printer. Do you require single sided or double sided printing? How about monochrome or full colour? Do you require borderless printing for a better finish?

As we’ve discussed, buying a card printer should be a consideration for many businesses. At RMS we are delighted to offer a vast range of card printers and cards, representing the full spectrum of functionality. By purchasing a card printer, you can add security, loyalty and create a more integrated business.

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