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Making EPoS Integration Easy: OpSuite Fusion from RMS

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EPoS Integration

In previous blogs, we’ve written about how vital it is for retailers in extraordinarily challenging business environment to move towards an omnichannel business model. Industry trends were already making this critical, but with the massive increase in online shopping due to Covid-19, EPoS integration has become essential. Becoming a true omnichannel retailer means integrating your online and offline systems and operations to provide a truly seamless, unified service to your customer, no matter how they wish to purchase from you.

Integrating your on and offline EPoS systems will allow you to add in-store stock information to your e-commerce sites. This means that customers can see all of your stock on your e-commerce site. At the same time, your in-store staff will be able to check at their till to see if something is available online, that’s already sold out in the shop. This gives your customers more choice and makes it easier for them to find and buy the products they need, rather than giving up and going to one of your competitors.

For example, by integrating your product information, stock that you add to your EPoS database is visible across all of your channels, both on and offline. It also means you can see real-time stock data at every sales point across locations to prevent overselling.

This saves you time as it removes the need for overnight polling or updating stock on the website manually. Instead, you can have a system that automatically sends up to date stock information in both directions between your e-commerce and EPoS platforms.

OpSuite Fusion from RMS

It all sounds great in theory, but what’s the best way of going about integrating your systems to achieve this? It sounds like a daunting job, but fortunately, EPoS Integration has just become more accessible.

RMS is delighted to announce that we can now offer standardised omnichannel integration, thanks to the brand new OpSuite Fusion tool. This optional extra for the OpSuite EPoS software allows businesses to easily connect OpSuite to other cloud systems and software, sharing data between platforms and helping transform your business into a true omnichannel organisation.

OpSuite Fusion allows quick and easy integration of their EPoS software with a wide variety of e-commerce platforms, including; Shopify, Magento, Woo Commerce and Big Commerce. Not only that, your EPoS software can be integrated with online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, combining SKUs, product descriptions, pricing and availability data across every sales channel.

OpSuite Fusion will also allow you to access data from your e-commerce sites, including customer contact details, billing address, account type and whether or not they’re active. This innovative tool also enables you to integrate your business’s EPoS with a wide range of accounting systems, including Sage Business Cloud, Quickbooks and Xero, to make running your business as smooth and efficient as possible.

One of the primary benefits of all this functionality, is to save retailers significant amounts of time and work. OpSuite Fusion removes the need to manually add and update EPoS data in each system in turn, which can be a potentially time-consuming and arduous task. For example, perhaps you sell a product through both your online and physical shops and have 10 units in stock. You sell 2 units through your e-commerce site, and 2 are bought in-store. But then one order is cancelled, and one item is returned to the shop. OpSuite Fusion will allow you to track this in one easy, simple-to-use system, rather than having to spend the time to manually update each change in two separate systems.

Omnichannel integrations

Best of all, OpSuite Fusion does all of this automatically. Once it has been set up, it will continue working away in the background, allowing you to give your time and attention to growing your business.

When you decide to turn your business into an omnichannel organisation, RMS will work with you to help you understand your requirements and what EPoS options will give you the most value. If you decide to opt for OpSuite Fusion, RMS will arrange the set-up and connection for you and configure it with your existing cloud software, making adopting this system as quick and easy as possible.

It’s becoming more and more vital for businesses to integrate their systems and adopt an omnichannel business model. Failure to do so, especially in the current challenging climate, leaves many businesses at risk of being left behind. This means ensuring that your systems are fully integrated, but fortunately, this is now easier than ever before.

For more information about OpSuite Fusion, or to talk to someone about your business needs, contact RMS here or call 0800 138 0050.


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