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Redesigned with you in mind, we are excited to announce that after months of hard work and dedication, meticulously building it pixel by pixel, the brand new RMS web site is officially up and running!

Coinciding with our expanding role as a UK leader in Retail Management Solutions and professional services, the new web site offers a brand new customer service experience from beginning to end; truly is your Destination for ‘All Things EPoS’.

Our goal with the new website was to better collaborate with our partners and clients by making it interactive, improving its friendliness and appeal, and so helping our clients get to know us better.

In this Blog you’ll learn what is different, what is better and the advantages for retailers in our goal having been achieved ……..

So what’s new?

Our new website provides a clear message of who we are, what we stand for and where our value lies when developing, delivering and maintaining professional Retail Management solutions.

The website also boasts a clean design and intuitive and consistent site-wide navigation system with improved menu functionality that directs you to the information most relevant to you.

It’s responsive too!

Most importantly, the new RMS website has been fully optimised for smart phones and tablets, making it faster and easier to navigate on a wide range of web browsers so that you are enabled to obtain information on our Retail Management Solution EPoS services and products, make contact with Us, read our Blog, and get the latest EPoS news and Special offers whilst out and about on the go.

The EPoS hardware products section has been simplified and improved with an optimised navigation structure to help you quickly find the hardware that your business needs to operate efficiently.

Our popular blog has received a big enhancement enabling you to easily sign up for weekly updates and access the articles that matter to you.

Going forward …….

We will continue to communicate regularly through our blogs, and add more video content and product information to provide you with all of the information you need to evaluate our products and services.

We’re really proud of the new website and feel it will create the experience you’re looking for when you pay us a visit.

Check out the new website here:

We’re sure you will enjoy our new web site and invite you to take a tour around our new web site and Blog.

Get inspired, Get connected. Bookmark our website to stay up to date on the exciting news and updates we will share in the coming weeks and months.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions about our web site or the Retail Management Solution Services we provide, please Contact Us today on 01750 700 527 or via our on-line enquiry form

Should you be considering taking your company forward in to the future with an enhanced Retail Management Solution to controlling as aspects of your retail stock and purchase orders across your multi-channel or Omni-channel business, RMS can work with you to build your brand and improve back office performance, leading to increased profits for your business not just for this year end but well into the future.

We look forward to helping you with the future EPoS needs of your growing business.

You can also follow RMS on Social Media for all the latest information on the great benefits, features and deals on EPoS Hardware.

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