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4 Businesses That You Didn’t Think Would Benefit from Installing an EPOS System

Published On: 4 April 2017By 2.6 min readCategories: EPoS System, Retail EPoS

With the ever-changing landscape of technology, it can sometimes be difficult to keep up – with new phone models here and apps popping up left, right and centre – it can be exhausting, right?

However, it’s important to keep up with the times when it comes to the till system implemented in your shop. Whatever you sell and wherever you’re based, there are a myriad of benefits that can be gleaned from installing an up-to-date EPoS system.

Here are some examples of businesses that would benefit from an EPoS system, that you may not have formerly considered:


What may have started out as a small, family-business often expands into a popular destination offering local produce and sweet treats – and with popularity, comes an influx of customers.

Installing an EPoS system allows you to keep track of orders in an organised, digestible manner – letting you to easily track progress and profit – and see which products sell better than others.

The nature of many delicatessens, especially those that sell takeaway coffee, can prove fast-paced and it can be easy to miss out on payments or forget to add a purchase to your books, meaning that a seamless OpSuite managed system would be indispensable.

 Jewellery Shops

Given the higher expense that comes with the jewellery industry, it’s important to reflect the quality of your products by presenting yourselves as a reputable, professional brand.

Jewellery shops are often laid out with all products laid out for the customer’s perusal, meaning that a mobile EPoS device would be helpful, allowing you to take customers’ orders without having to queue up for the till with your colleagues.

Department Stores

Due to the fast-paced, customer-heavy environment of the average department store, point of sale is an important nut to crack – with speed and efficiency at the top of your priorities.

You can set your employees up with their own remote EPoS devices, so that they can consult customers, offering advice and then securing sales without having to bring customers over to a till.

Discount Stores

With a wide breadth of products on offer, it can be difficult to keep track and smoothly run through your customers’ transactions in a discount store. With ever-changing prices and swift product replenishment, it’s important to have a system where you can store each item’s information – nobody can remember the details of an entire store’s supply!

With the touch screen EPoS system, you can have all information to hand, in a fashion that is easy to navigate. This will boost employee confidence and, subsequently, improve the overall customer service levels within your store – leading to increased footfall in the future.

The benefits of implementing a RMS Retail Management System are vast and personalised to different industries, which is why it’s important to contact us with your business’s particular requirements.

Contact us today and a friendly advisor can offer guidance on the best option for you based on the day-to-day running of your business or establishment. RMS are committed to providing cost-effective, seamless solutions for your point of sale needs.

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