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Our Ultimate Guide to Key Retail Dates in 2024

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Welcome to our Ultimate Guide to Key Retail Dates in 2024, a comprehensive roadmap to empower retailers throughout the year. In this guide, we explore the retail calendar month by month, unravelling strategic opportunities to maximise sales, engage customers, and stay ahead of industry trends. The key to success lies not only in seizing these moments but also in the art of planning ahead.

As we navigate through the retail calendar, we emphasise the critical importance of foresight and preparation. Successful retailers understand that anticipating and preparing for key events is the cornerstone of a thriving business. Planning ahead not only allows for the seamless execution of promotions but also ensures that inventory, promotions and customer experiences align harmoniously. So let’s dive straight into January!

Key retail dates in 2024


You would be forgiven for thinking that January might be a fairly slow month in retail – but you’d be wrong! Retailers looking to maximise their revenue in January have plenty of opportunities to do so by utilising the key dates. Many of your customers will have received gift cards for Christmas – and the great thing about shoppers using gift cards? They tend to spend more! Not only is this a fantastic time to showcase your brand to a whole host of new customers, it’s also a time to capitalise on New Year’s Resolutions! With month-long events such as Dry January and Veganuary, you can promote your products to help shoppers meet their goals.

  • 1st  New Year’s Day
  • 1st – 31st Dry January
  • 1st – 31st Veganuary
  • 2nd Bank Holiday (Scotland)
  • 15th  – Blue Monday
  • 25th – Burn’s Night


Now that the promise of New Year is well and truly over, it’s time to turn your marketing strategy completely on its head. February is a month of indulgence with Pancake Day, Valentine’s and of course, that all-important lead up to lent!

  • 10th Chinese New Year – 2024 is the year of the Dragon!
  • 13th Pancake Day
  • 14th Valentine’s Day


With Mother’s Day and International Women’s Day around the corner, March is a great month to drive your customers back into your business. You can send out emails to your customer base with gift ideas and exclusive offers on bundles and gift sets. Get into the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day by adding a splash of green to your store and promotions. Easter moves around a great deal in the retail calendar, and this year it falls at the end of March with Good Friday on the 29th so make sure you’re prepared in advance!

  • 1st St David’s Day
  • 7th World Book Day
  • 8th International Women’s Day
  • 10th Mother’s Day
  • 17th St. Patrick’s Day
  • 20th First Day of Spring
  • 29th Good Friday 
  • 31st Easter Sunday


In April we welcome the second Chocolate Holiday so far in 2024! Make sure you begin your promotions for Easter Sunday well in advance in the lead up to 1st April – and no we’re not Fooling! Earth Day is a lesser-known retail event but it’s actually a fantastic opportunity to showcase your Eco-Credentials in-store, online and on social media.

  • 1st Easter Monday
  • 22nd Earth Day
  • 23rd St George’s Day


Is it starting to feel a little bit like Summer? We hope so! May is the month when we can all start to get a bit excited about the major sporting events and of course, a little time to unwind with two Bank Holidays. Be sure to stock up on plenty of Bank Holiday essentials if the weather’s looking good!

  • 6th May Day
  • 22nd UEFA Europa League Final
  • 25th FA Cup Final
  • 25th Scottish Cup Final
  • 27th Spring Bank Holiday
  • 29th UEFA Europa Conference League Final


This month it’s starting to look quite busy with a whole month of Pride and of course, the Euros! Don’t forget to start promoting Father’s Day well in advance with targeted emails and promotions to showcase your gift ideas and offers. June also kicks off the major Music Festival season with the famous Glastonbury so be sure you’re well prepared. Your customers are always going to need festival supplies – no matter their taste in music.

  • 1st – 30th  Pride Month
  • 1st UEFA Champions League Final
  • 4th-30th ICC Men’s T20 World Cup
  • 14th UEFA Euro 2024 Germany
  • 15th Official Birthday of King Charles III & Trooping the Colour
  • 16th Father’s Day
  • 26th – 30th– Glastonbury Festival
  • 28th Last Day of Term (Scotland)


Nothing says Wimbledon quite like a summer punch and fresh strawberries with cream! July is an exciting month of sport, not least for our famous Grand Slam but in 2024 we celebrate the Olympic Games in Paris. Not only is July bursting with sporting events, you need to prepare your back-to-school campaign ready for the start of the summer holidays. The key to back-to-school success is getting ahead!

  • 1st – 14th Wimbledon
  • 14th UEFA Euro 2024 Final
  • 19th Last Day of Term (England & Wales)
  • 26th Olympic Games Opening Ceremony


With back-to-school approaching, if you haven’t got your plan in place – the clock is ticking! August is a month of summer fun and recreation so promote your products accordingly. Fingers crossed, the August Bank Holiday is soaked with sun so target your offers to those enjoying their lazy summer weekends and holiday makers with summer supplies.

  • 5th Summer Bank Holiday (Scotland)
  • 11th Olympic Games Closing Ceremony
  • 14th End of School Summer Holidays (Scotland)
  • 26th Summer Bank Holiday
  • 28th Paralympic Games Opening Ceremony


With families returning from holidays and kids back to school, September is a great time to focus on students heading to university. Cookware, bedding, stationery and technology are all things to be promoted in the lead up to Freshers’ Week so think about bundling products and creating special offers.

  • 2nd End of School Summer Holidays (England & Wales)
  • 8th Paralympic Games Closing Ceremony


Halloween is certainly not just for the kids! It’s a festive event that the whole family can join in with. Think of promoting decorations, party supplies and themed items that would be ideal at this time of year as well as getting into the ‘spirit’ with window and store displays. If Halloween isn’t your thing, focus on World Mental Health Day by putting a spotlight on ‘Self Care’ and wellbeing.

  • 10th World Mental Health Day
  • 31st Halloween


Here we are again, rolling into the busiest time in the retail calendar. At this time of year, it pays to be in full control of your inventory and your game plan for the holiday season. EPoS solutions such as OpSuite become your saviour during these times empowering you to manage your inventory with ease, precisely meeting demand and maximising revenue.

  • 5th Bonfire Night
  • 11th Remembrance Day
  • 10th Remembrance Sunday
  • 29th Black Friday


Demand is still extremely high in December and you may be feeling the pressure. But with OpSuite by your side, you can feel completely in control of your promotions, inventory and customer experience. If your customers are undecided about making a purchase, this is the perfect time of year to be promoting gift cards. Not only does this ensure you’re still making sales, but it paves the way towards a profitable January too!

  • 2nd Cyber Monday
  • 2nd St. Andrew’s Day
  • 24th Christmas Eve
  • 25th Christmas Day
  • 26th Boxing Day
  • 31st New Year’s Eve


Our Ultimate Guide to Key Retail Dates in 2024 provides a comprehensive roadmap for retailers to navigate the year strategically. From capitalising on post-holiday opportunities in January, seasonal events like Valentine’s Day and Easter, to embracing the excitement of summer sports and back-to-school preparations, each month offers unique opportunities for engagement and sales. As the year progresses, aligning your promotions with major events presents opportunities to connect with diverse consumer interests.

With OpSuite as a valuable ally throughout the year, retailers can navigate the ebb and flow of consumer trends, ensuring you stay in control of promotions, inventory, and customer satisfaction. As we celebrate our retail journey through 2024, may it be a year of successful strategies, thriving sales, and satisfied customers. Cheers to a prosperous year ahead!

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