Thermal receipt printers use direct contact between the thermal head (which generates heat) on the printer and a special thermal paper (chemically coated to be sensitive to heat) to create the print. As a consequence, thermal printers do not require ink, ribbons or toner cartridges meaning lower operational costs.

For physically connected printers, there are typically three types of interface connections available between the printer and your EPoS terminal – USB, Ethernet and Serial. Always give some consideration as to what types of connection ports and how many, are available on your terminal. Alternatively for mobile POS systems such as tablets, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth can be used.

The latest thermal receipt printers have multi-coloured thermal printing and double-sided printing, a valuable application for commercial marketing. These add value to your till receipts immediately with graphics, images and logos that display fine colour shading and much of the charm of black-and-white photos.

RMS offer the best EPoS Thermal receipt printers from major manufacturers such as Epson, AURES, OXHOO and SNBC to name but a few, but please do Contact Us should you not find the thermal receipt printer you are looking for and we will help you on your EPoS Hardware journey.

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