Newland N7 Cachalot Pro Mobile Computer


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The Newland N7 Cachalot Pro is a rugged Android Mobile Computer with a built-in 2D scanner suitable for stocktaking, warehousing and logistics applications.

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Product Description:

Newland N7 Cachalot Pro Mobile Computer

The Newland N7 Cachalot Pro is a rugged Android Mobile Computer for stocktaking, warehousing and logistics applications. This device featuring a 2D barcode scanner is the perfect tool for enhancing performance and productivity in demanding environments. Let’s dive into its impressive features:

  1. Durable Design: With impressive drop testing and IP ratings, the Cachalot Pro is designed and tested to withstand tough conditions. Its Gorilla Glass screen is crystal clear and resistant to smashing.
  2. Physical Keyboards: Easy to use even when wearing gloves with a choice between 29, 38 or 47 physical keys.
  3. Wireless Freedom: With built-in Bluetooth and WiFi and optional 4G, the N7 is ready to go wherever you need it.
  4. Smooth Multi-tasking: Boasting a Qualcomm processor and 4GB of RAM, the N7 range is easily able to handle multiple apps at once.
  5. Versatile Scanning: The N7 Cachalot Pro offers a choice of multiple inbuilt 2D barcode scanners. The Standard-range version with AcuScan provides accurate scanning for close-up codes, while the Mid-range version reads codes on boxes and pallets from further away. Both scanners feature Newland’s multi-read mode.
  6. Up-to-date Software: With the Android Enterprise Recommended (AER) seal of approval, security updates are guaranteed until at least September 2025.
  7. Hot-swappable Battery: The 5100mAh battery supports fast charging and is hot-swappable. This means that once you run out of charge, you can simply swap out the battery for a fully charged one.
  8. Always Audible: Never miss a notification with up to 90dB of adjustable volume, this makes the device suitable even in busy and loud environments.

Whether you’re managing inventory, tracking packages or optimising logistics, the N7 Cachalot Pro is your logistical step forward.

Newland offer a range of EPOS handhelds and tablets, you can view the range here.



2 year Return to Manufacturer


You can find the Newland Support website here.

Additional Information

Operating System

Android 10 GMS

Battery Capacity

5100 mAh

IP Certification



Dual-band WiFi, Bluetooth 4.2, NFC, GPS


200 x 70 x 29mm


360g (incl. battery)


NLS-N7-W-M2, NLS-N7-W4-S3, NLS-N7-W-S3, NLS-N7-W-M3, NLS-N7-W4-S4, NLS-N7-W-S4, NLS-N7-W4-M4, N7-W4-S2-V3, N7-W-S2-V3, N7-W-M2-V3, N7-W4-S3-V3, N7-W-S4-V3, N7-W4-M4-V3, N7-W-M4-V3

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